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Hello and welcome to my first blog post! In this blog I will be discussing branding strategies, design in all its forms as well as web development and programming.

I hope to cover things like brand development, its processes and how it can be implemented. This would include ideas on concept and the understanding of visual communication. It is a varied discipline which may be hard to comprehend, but with an open mind it can be clarified.

Here you may also learn about the technical aspects of design and layout, the skills required to achieve certain goals and how to create selected elements using design tools and computer programs.

Besides learning about brand development and design, I will also be posting about web development and the Actionscript series of programming languages. Equipped with this, you should be able to create your own websites and Flash applications.

While I would be writing these inserts myself, I also intend to post and repost interesting things found around the internet and also provide useful resources for designers. Well, those are the goals for this blog at the time of going to press! I hope to see you often so that it can continue to grow and evolve!