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Ashraf Slamang
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A Little Bit About Me

A Double-Sided Coin

Being both a designer and a developer I am split into two halves. As a designer, I am adept at creating beautiful, targeted websites and brands with a high understanding of visual communication and how it applies to various target markets. While being creative and imaginative on one end, the developer side of me is highly technical and organised. I stay up-to-date with the latest development standards ensuring my work is future-proof and is entrenched in a firm foundation.

Historically Speaking

I studied Graphic Design at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in 2004 and graduated in 2007. It was a magical few years where I learnt the base of design. While being there, I did a short course in HTML and CSS, laying the groundwork for my developer tendencies. I went on to work at a few places and also took time off to study Interactive Media at Concept Interactive, whereafter I started my freelance career. Along with freelancing, I teach Graphic Design at Inscape Design College and WordPress Essential Skills at Friends of Design.

Delving Deeper

I reside in Cape Town, South Africa with my lovely wife and do most of my work from home, but can sometimes be found at coffee shops around the city. As a designer, my passions naturally lie in design and all things visual. The great outdoors (especially in gorgeous Cape Town) are one of my favourite places. I also love hot sauce and paintball!

Why hire me?

Website design isn’t as simple as applying colours and inserting content. It is about user experience and achieving goals. They need to communicate the right things visually – telling your users about your values and making an emotional connection that speaks to their being. Additionally, a website needs to fulfill its purpose – getting users where you want them and making content clear and simple to understand and use. I understand how users think and know how to structure a web page to direct users to your important content and site goals. Besides that, I can make it work!